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How to apply & create google adsense account

Create Adsense Account

Every new person who wants to earn money online, they always ask a question that how to apply for Google Adsense. That’s why today I writing this article. Here we will discuss how we will create Adsense account for online income. Before you create or apply for Google AdSense account, you must have a blogging website or a YouTube channel. Today we will talk about only for the blogging sites. If you want it for YouTube channel then read my monetize youtube post.


Create AdSense account for blogger site


If you have a blogger account on then you follow this process for create Adsense account

Step 1: At first login to blogger account & hit on ‘Earning’ option that you find at the left-hand side in blogger dashboard.

Step 2: Under the earning section you can apply for Google AdSense by clicking on “Signup for AdSense” option.

Step 3: Here is some simple step for linking your site to AdSense account, just sign in with your email id & fill your details information & apply. Remember, apply for AdSense after your blog is ready with 15-20 quality content & at least 15 days after creating blog.

Now successfully submitted the application. after review, AdSense team approves your request.


How to apply for Google Adsense


In below we will discuss that how to apply for google adsense for your WordPress sites.


Step 1: You need a Gmail account to apply Google AdSense. Go to google Adsense & sign up for a new application.

Step 2: Confirm your email address & continue.

Step 3: Put your website URL & select language. Then hit save & continue.

Create Adsense Account

Step 4: Fill the form with your full original information like Name, Address, phone number etc.& hit the apply.

Step 5:  After submitting your all information, you must verify your site by pasting verification code to your website in the head tag. 

After verification is done, Adsense team verify your application & if your blog content as per their program policies then you get approved within 7 days. 


Note: As per Google AdSense policy your custom website must be at least 6 months old to get approved. But some cases only 45 to 60 days old sites have approved because of quality content.


I hope this article is helpful for all reader. If any question or suggestion please comment below the post.

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