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How to choose a web hosting service.

How to choose a web hosting service

Every new person who wants to make a website or any new website owner must know “How to choose a web hosting service”. Remember one thing, without comparison, some important factor doesn’t buy any cheap hosting because this is the place where your site is performing to your visitors, and even search engine like Google, Bing Yahoo etc. ranking factor depends on website performance. So be careful about choosing a right hosting. To select the right low-cost website hosting company you must consider some important point that improves your visibility in the web world.


Some Important factor to choose a right hosting company. How to choose a web hosting service?


In below we will discuss, some important factor that every beginner should know before buying any hosting service.


  • Price
  • Uptime
  • Speed
  • Renewal Price
  • Disk Space/Storage
  • Bandwidth
  • Security
  • Powerful Cpanel
  • Money back guarantee
  • Number of websites
  • Custom email
  • Customer Support


For you better understanding I explain the above points in below.


How to choose a web hosting service


Price: – Price is the first answer of how to choose a web hosting service. We all know that there are mainly four types of hosting service provided by all leading server company which is Shared hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated server, Cloud server. First, you should be chosen which is the best product suitable for you, then purchase your hosting server. In general Shared hosting service is the cheapest WordPress hosting compared to other services. All the different type of web hosting price range given below.

  • Shared WordPress hosting: Monthly price range approx 3$ to 10$.
  • Cloud WordPress hosting: Monthly price range approx 8$ to 25$.
  • VPS WordPress hosting: Monthly price range approx 20$ to 70$.
  • Dedicated WordPress hosting: Monthly price range approx 100$ to 180$.


Note: – Mainly two types of Shared hosting available in the market, LINUX SERVER & WINDOWS SERVER. You can select anyone between this but as a beginner, I suggest try Linux Server.


Uptime: – Uptime is the most important part of any hosting. You can expect from your service provider, they provide 99.9% uptime guarantee. Major of the service providers give you that guarantee. So, before buying any hosting please check it carefully. Today many websites offer you to check your site uptime & downtime absolutely free.


Speed: – Website speed is the another important part of your hosting. You should always choose a service provider who is offering the better speed of theirs server not only cheap price. Because if the site is slow then your visitors can skip that, that means you lost plenty of traffic. Not only that, the cause of slow loading speed search engine ranking may be difficult for your website.

In starting stage, for reason of low cost, you can choose any shared hosting plan as per your comfort. But after your website is live & traffic mense visitors increase day by day, I suggest all the reader transfer Share hosting to Cloud base or dedicated hosting server. Because, when you get huge traffic then your site speed must be slow down & then suddenly stop by your service provider. So, don’t go always too cheap WordPress hosting.


Renewal Price: – Now we discuss renewal price of any type of hosting. Maximum service provider’s offer cheap hosting plan for sudden times (Normally 1st year) that they show us on the first page of their website. Don’t see only this price. Before buying compulsory check regular plan or renewal cost of the same service. If you don’t check it some time you pay extra renewal cost than other company.

Conclusion:  It is the another important answer of how to choose a web hosting service. So don’t go only for the 1st-year big discount, thoroughly check that plan which you trying to buy, after that book your cheap hosting server for WordPress or any other website.


Disk Space/Storage: –  In hosting server Disk space is the place, where all website owner stores their all data & content. That’s why this is a very important to us. Disc space requirement depends on your website nature. If anyone wants to build an E-commerce site or video site then my suggestion select only that company who provide unlimited space. For a blogger or small business go for minimum 10GB storage. So don’t forget to see disc space before purchase any cheap service.


Bandwidth: –  This is one of the most important factors to select a cheap WordPress hosting. Bandwidth is the memory of any site. When visitors visit your website they receive some data from that site, that’s call bandwidth. Major of the cheap service provider gives a limited amount of bandwidth that harmful for any site. Because in future when your traffic is increasing then your site is blocked for low bandwidth. If you don’t see this before, in future you pay few extra dollar for additional bandwidth. So, if you trying to buy shared hosting then think about future & definitely go for unlimited bandwidth.


Security: – All place in the world you need security, where the website is not an exception. Hosting server is the place where you store your all file, so security of your website is a mandatory field. You can secure your website by many processes but primary security point of any site that is SSL, SFTP, Dedicated IP, Site backup system, regular maintenance of server etc. let me elaborate this.

What is SSL?

You all noticed some of the website URL comes with “http” & some of “https”. The SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is the security system that gives you & your visitors to exchange their financial & personal information on your website. “Https” is that protocol which gives you that security.

What is SETP for hosting?

Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) is the protocol which allows you to transfer any file to your web server securely. It’s very important because some time hackers hack your data when it transfers. So, don’t take only FTP (File transfer protocol), definitely, asks your service provider about SFTP before taking the service.

What is Dedicated IP?

When you use shared hosting for your site then you use common IP where many sites host in the same IP that is not secure. But if you use dedicated IP then you get an individual IP address from your service provider that gives you more security for your website. Here you host only one website with each service.

What is site backup?

Daily or weekly backup for your site is necessary for website security. Sometimes you can lose your valuable data during any important update or any changes for your site. Hosting providers give you auto backup & manual backup of your site facility as per your need.

What is regular maintenance?

All reader who read this post & me, we all know about the cyber attack. To protect your site from that attack, you must ask your hosting service provider about their protection system.

So, security is an another answer of your question how to choose a web hosting service please think about your website security before purchase any cheap WordPress or others platform hosting service.


Money back guarantees: –   If you see any service provider provide money back guarantee then it’s a good company. Because they believe that their service is good as per your hosting type. Generally, major all service provider gives 30 days money back guarantee which is good for us.


The number of websites: –   Before choosing a web hosting service mense purchase any cheap shared hosting please must notice how many numbers of sites you host that service plan. The all web hosting company mostly provide 3 types of package. They offer all this 3 package as follows. In the 1st package, one to three site, in 2nd package 3 to 10 site & 3rd package generally unlimited site. So if your future plan to host multiple websites then definitely go for 2nd& 3rd package otherwise you should pay extra money for other sites.


Custom email:-   “” – this type of email called custom email. Custom email increases your brand value. Some hosting providers charge for custom email & some of the offer you for free & also unlimited. So must see which company provide you the custom email.


Powerful Cpanel: –  Today we all make a dynamic website not static site. That’s why powerful & easy to use Cpanel which is provided by hosting company is very very important for your website. This kind of control panel allow us to install any CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress, Drupal etc, it also allows us to easily build new MySQL database, new FTP & SFTP account, email account, sub domain and much more. If you find cheap hosting for WordPress or any PHP website then ensure that does your hosting provider have powerful Cpanel or not.


Customer Support: –   Customer support is the most valuable factor in choosing the right hosting company. When you face any trouble about your hosting then you contact them for support, they are compulsory solve your issue. But the big question is how to find the best cheap web hosting company with fantastic customer service? Answer is – some of the factors that make a better customer support which I explain below

Support system – There are some support system which is provided by Server Company that is email support, ticket support, live chat, phone call & support via remote. The best of above support system types is the phone call, remote support & live chat.

Support time – In any case, if your website faced some problem about security or any technical issue then you need help from customer support. But you should not wait for 24 hours or more time to resolve it because in this time you missed plenty great visitors. That’s why I suggest, always choose who provide you 24х7 technical support with live chat or phone call.

Knowledgeable support team – you need a good knowledgeable, responsible & also experienced person from the web hosting company who quickly & properly guide you to solve any types of issue. So before join ask your quire to support team and judge the service.

So, I think after reading this post you understand how to choose a web hosting service provider. if any question, command below or contact me, I try to solve your all question.


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