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How to create a YouTube channel and make money

How to create a YouTube channel and make money

If you want to earn money online from home, then YouTube is one of the best platforms to make some handsome money for you. This is the job that any person can do, such as a student, housewife, any retired person, businessman, employer etc. So now a question on your mind, how to create a YouTube channel and make money? I am posting this article for those people who want to create a YouTube channel and want to make some money from their channel.


How to create a YouTube channel and make money through monetize Youtube.


Select a Niche:

First of all, you have to pick a Niche/Topic that you can work on. To select the topic, first, you find your hobby or find out what the expert you are. Because here you have to create lots of videos and upload them, if you do not have much knowledge about your topic, then you cannot continue it. So before creating YouTube channel think about your niche.



Create YouTube Channel:


After select your niche go to & login with your Gmail account.


After sign in go to the right-up side of your screen& click on the human icon, you found an option Creator Studio click here or go to left-hand side on the drop down menu& click on My Channel.



Then choose your channel name & click on create channel option. Remember one thing, try to create your channel name as per your niche & language. Because in future your channel name is going to be your brand name in the YouTube world.


Create Videos:

After creating your YouTube channel, make some good quality videos as per your niche. Then properly edit them with any video editing software. You can use Camtasia, Filmora etc for editing. If you want to succeed in YouTube, don’t copy others creators videos, only upload your own videos, your videos must be 100% unique. Please follow Community Guidelines program policy for your channel security.


Share Your Videos:

After upload video doesn’t forget to share video link to the social media like Google Plus, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit etc. In this process, you can earn plenty of views.


Monetize YouTube Videos:


After upload, your unique videos again go to & click on creator studio. Then go to drop down menu in left side & click on channel icon, click on Verify icon for your phone number verification. Once the phone number is verified, there will be an option call Monetization on the same YouTube page. Just click on enable & accept all the agreement, then Monetization is done.


Active your AdSense:

Now time to link your YouTube channel to an Adsense account for make money. First of all again go to monetization option & sign up for Adsense, hit “start” to monetize YouTube


Then you will be redirected to the Adsense page. Here you must sign in with the same Gmail account or any other Gmail account and give your whole original details information such as name, address, phone number, age etc. & accept all the terms & condition of Adsense program policies. Now your Adsense application for monetize youtube successfully submitted. The e-mail that you sign in with your Adsense id, it’s not mandatory that will be same. You can differentiate between YouTube channel and Google Adsense email account, there is no problem with it. After this process, Adsense team check your channel content thoroughly & if your content is unique then they are approved & active your Adsense account within 48 hours. You get an email from Adsense team after approving your application.



NOTE: In past Adsense have instantly started ads on your videos after Adsense approval. But now the ads will appear on the videos when the channel’s overall views minimum 10,000 times.



I hope this article is helpful for all people who want to know how to create a YouTube channel and make money online by monetize youtube videos at home without paying anything. 

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