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How to make money with a blog for beginners

Make money blogging

Today I will tell you how to make money with a blog for beginners. You can make blogs for free or in a little bit of investment and you can make money from different ways. You are thinking that if you can make a free blog, then what is the significance of investment? Well, I will discuss this topic for beginners. After reading this post you also can make money blogging.


How to create a blog for free and make money


Yes, you can make money with a free blog in that is a Google product. Here any website domain & hosting totally free but you will not get the desired domain extension (.com, .net, .org, .in, .info etc). You have to take it here., it’s a sub domain. If you want to use custom domain on the blogger account then buy a domain from any domain registered & link to your blogspot site. In this blogging site hosting provided by Google for free.

You also create your free blog with WordPress & Weebly but I recommend that if you want to make a free blog then stay with blogger.


Create blogger account


Step 1: Go to Blogger & sign in with your Gmail id. After sign in you see 2 options that “create a Google+ profile”&“create a limited profile”, choose any one profile (recommend Google+ profile), then give profile name & click on continue to blogger button.


Step 2: After creating blogger profile next hit on “create new blog” option. Then put your website title, address mense URL & select a template, then press create blog link.

Step 3: Now your site is ready. You can hit the “View blog” option At the top left for visiting your site.


Step 4: Go to the top & click on“new post” option. You will see there is a place for post writing. Here you first put your post title then put your details post (content+picture) with level & Permalink & hit on “Publish”. Now your first post is published.


Make custom Blogging Site


You can make any business website or blogging site easily without any technical knowledge & skill. Today many CMS (content management system) platforms are available, which allows us to easily create any website. All popular CMS is open source, means absolutely free. Six important & popular CMS is

  • 1. WordPress
  • 2. Drupal
  • 3. Joomla
  • 4. Textpattern
  • 5. ExpressionEngine
  • 6. SilverStripe


Today we discuss WordPress that is most popular CMS in the world. around 80% blogger use this platform because of it best user-friendly CMS.

To create a blog in WordPress, at first buy a custom domain & WordPress hosting from any domain & hosting providers.


Create WordPress Blog


Step 1: After purchasing domain & hosting, login to your hosting Cpanel & find WordPress under the Softaculous section. Then install it with details information.Important Options for installing WordPress is Protocol, domain name, user name, password, email address, database name & table prefix. Within 1-minute WordPress site is ready.


Step 2: Go to your domain name with forward slash wp-admin ( Then you see your WordPress backhand, now log in with the user name and password that you choose when installing WordPress. Here you find all your website design related requirement.

WordPress Dashboard

Step 3: Select your theme under Appearance section first. Here you can see active & installed theme. If you want other themes then click on add new button, you find out thousands of free & premium theme, choose any theme as per your comfort then install & active that theme.


Step 4: Now find post option to add a post for posting your blog/article. When your article writing is complete then hit on “publish” at the right side of your screen. When you write any article, don’t forget to give category, tag & image alt tag of the article.

WordPress Post

This is short & little information for the beginner about WordPress blog. If you want more info then feel free commands below. I will post some useful articles in details for make money blogging.


How to make money blogging?


After making your blogging site as per your niche, there are main 4 ways to make money through blogging.

  • 1. Adsense
  • 2. Affiliate marketing,
  • 3. Product promotion
  • 4. Selling any product or provide any service.


The best of the above methods for make money blogging is Adsense. So today we only discuss AdSense. The advertisement is the most effective & easy method to make money, you can show different ads on your site & earn money.


There are many Adsense Networks are available in the whole world, among them the best 10 is

  •  1. Google AdSense
  •  2.
  •  3. Infolinks
  •  4. BidVertiser
  •  5. Amazon Associates
  •  6. Adversal
  •  7 ShareASale
  •  8. BuySellAds
  •  9. Chitika
  • 10. Skimlinks


The best of the above AdSense network is Google Adsense that is a CPC (Cost per click) based & world leading ads network & here you generate much more income than other networks.


After 30 to 40 unique quality post you can apply for creating Google AdSense account. If your post SEO (Search engine optimization) friendly & content is unique then your AdSense application will be approved. After receiving the approval email from Google AdSense team, just log in to your AdSense account for generating ad unit, then copy it and paste to your website. Now you can see advertisement comes to your site that allows make money blogging.

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